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How to identify CLOSET CLUTTER!

Here's our simplest trick to help you identify closet clutter, so that it's easier to decide what to keep and what to sell when decluttering the hanging clothes in your closet! We want to help you to make the most of SELLING at Fab Finds Markets by helping you declutter your closet!. If you want to have a #fabday at the markets, you are going to need to find unworn things in your wardrobe to sell - and this is how!

Step 1: Turn all of the clothing on hangers in your closet backwards.

Step 2: When you have worn and washed an item, hang it back up with hanger facing forwards as per normal.

Step 3: Over the course of the next month, you will get a real idea of the clothes you wear regularly and those you don't!

Step 4: Go through the items you don't wear, remove the ones you want to let go off and prepare to sell them at Fab Finds Markets next event!


Because many of us actually only wear about 20% of the clothes in our closet, 100% of the time!

Not wearing something for a lengthy amount of time, like for 6 months or a year, is one of the signs that you should consider removing that item of clothing from your closet.

With the reverse hanger method of decluttering your closet, you don't have to guess when the last time you wore something was, the hangers will tell you, and help you clear out the closet clutter easily so you have a #fabday at the markets!

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